Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences, Lithuania

Agnė Limantė

Dr Agnė Limantė is a Chief Researcher at the Law Institute of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences. A considerable part of her research focuses on human rights law, and her recent works analyse the interplay between human rights and technology. Overall, Dr. Limantė has published over 40 research papers in national and international journals or as book chapters. Her recent papers on law and technology include “A Faces of War: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Military Use of FRT”. In R. Matulionyte, R., M. Zalnieriute, The Cambridge Handbook of Facial Recognition in the Modern State (CUP, 2024); and “Bias in Facial Recognition Technologies Used by Law Enforcement: Understanding the Causes and Searching for a Way Out” (Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 2024).

Dr. Limantė is a co-editor of several edited collections: Cambridge Handbook of Courts and AI (CUP, forthcoming 2026); Protecting Children’s Rights: Challenges and Progress in Central and Eastern European Countries (Routledge, forthcoming 2025); Gender-Based Violence and Law: Global Perspectives and Eastern European Practices (Routledge, 2023); Legal Protection of Vulnerable Groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland: Trends and Perspectives (Springer, 2022); The Regulation of Matrimonial Property and Property of Registered Partnerships (Intersentia, 2022).